About PPA


Nashville, Tennessee

The Company was originally established in1986 as a full-service promotion and marketing agency, Specialty Promotions, Inc.(now Schnitzer Communications, Inc.). SCI quickly built a reputation for implementing non-traditional book selling programs, which enjoyed remarkable success. A dozen book projects reached #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list with more than 50,000,000 books sold as part of a Schnitzer-designed and implemented promotion.

In 1993, the Company entered the publishing arena with its own imprint, Premium Press America (PPA). Since then, PPA has grown releasing hundreds of gift/souvenir, trade, romance, mass-market, premium and private-label titles.

PPA distributes its gift/souvenir and trade publications through a network of specialty distributors who supply independent gift shops, bookstores, and specialty outlets including state & national parks, historical sites, museums, theme parks, resort hotels, tourist destinations, florists, gift basket manufacturers, airports, hospitals, and the like.

At one-point PPA distributed through all major book chains but develop alternative outlets as a result of book chain closures. PPA titles are available through book wholesalers including Ingram Books, American Wholesale Book Company and direct to retail chains Barnes & Noble.

PPA provides private-label titles to corporations, professional associations and non-profit groups for branding, premium give-a-ways, and fundraising. PPA routinely modifies PPA titles at NO cost to the customer or may create a new title to fit more specific needs.

Before Hallmark Gift Stores internalized their gift book program PPA was one of the second publishers to design and license gift titles for the newly developing Hallmark’s Gift Books Program. PPA helped develop Hallmark’s program in 500 stores later expanding into 15,000-plus stores and rooftops selling more than a one million PPA books.

For five years, PPA annually supplied 7,000 CVS Pharmacy Stores with 500,000 gift/souvenir books, 150,000 seasonal trade books, and 1,000,000 romance novels.

PPA produced one of the fastest growing lines of romance novels in the country and received an IPPY Gold Medal from Independent Publishers Association for its first title release Mistress in Training. In 2006, the Romance Writers Association recognized PPA as a top 40 romance publisher in the country. PPA received orders for 1,250,000 novels its first year in the market.

SCI/PPA has been the lead coordinator for projects involving such notables as Art Linkletter, Warren Buffet, Walter Cronkite, H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Jeff Foxworthy, diet gurus Dr. Martin Katahn, and Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller, and singer/actor Gary Morris.