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A multi-faceted, multiple award-winning publisher located in Nashville, Tennessee. PPA has earned an outstanding reputation as a non-traditional publisher producing quality, entertaining and informative books for more than 35 years.

With a strong focus on the gift/souvenir market, PPA also produces private-label titles for professional organizations, non-profits and business groups to enhance branding opportunities and to educate their respective communities.

PPA's promotions and marketing campaigns have produced more than a dozen #1 NY Times Best Sellers.

PPA has also published colorful children’s picture books along with selected trade titles.


  • On September 9, 1957, six-year-old Patricia Watson became the first black child to attend Hattie Cotton Elementary School, as a result of the court-mandated desegregation of Nashville public schools. Just after midnight the school was bombed, likely by the KKK supremacists protesting integration.

    Hattie Cotton School was published to memorialize the horrific event and honor Principal Margaret Cate and all those who helped guide students, faculty, and the surrounding community through the devastation and the difficult period that followed. 

    A poignant reminder of the anger and malice between whites and blacks during the 1950’s. The personal knowledge of one who was there lends itself to a solid understanding of who, why, and how they survived and prospered.


  • A 2,000-year-old story told through the eyes of an inn-keeper’s wife, Naomi. Their Inn already over-flowing with travelers, Naomi extends a kindness to strangers by offering their stable with dry hay, and a delicious meal to the weary travelers, pregnant Mary and husband Joseph.

    Original colorful illustrations highlight Naomi’s story of the wonderous miracle she saw unfold. Naomi shares her excitement of being a part of The First Christmas while also introducing readers to the tastes of The First Supper.

    This is an interactive, non-denominational soon to be classic story for young children everywhere. Naomi provides foods, ingredients, and recipes to help children and parents learn firsthand how to prepare and sample meals served 2,000 years ago.


  • Five hundred contemporary and historical facts about the people, places and unique attractions making Tennessee a wonderful place to live and explore! Terrific Tennessee contains fascinating trivia and provides a reliable source for learning about the state.

    Your new knowledge is sure to impress friends, family, and teachers! No matter if you’re a native or a tourist, you’ll enjoy Terrific Tennessee, a treasure chest collection of hundreds of details reflecting Tennessee’s charm and natural beauty.


  • The author wants the reader to understand, “Society needs to change how it thinks and feels about fire death. When a civilian is killed by fire it is not an act of God, and when a firefighter is killed it is not part of the job. When there is a fire death something went wrong. We must change to an Automatic Fire Protection Culture in the 21st century.

    I Can’t Save You And Don’t Want to Die Trying: American Fire Culture is a road map that social, political, economic, and technological stake holders can use to reduce the loss of life and property from fire. From the fire house to the state house, from the boardroom to the living room we can all do better to prevent and survive fire.


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