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America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful

Bette and George Schnitzer, Jr.

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About the book…
Revive and commemorate your patriotism as you rediscover the amazing and outstanding beauty of the United States of America and all her glorious states.
America the Beautiful contains hundreds of fun-filled, historic, unique and educational facts about the people, places and things that make America great. The challenging trivia is a great source for learning about the USA, and your new knowledge will impress friends, family and teachers! The facts are double-checked and verified with appropriate organizations making this a perfect addition to every library. No school should be without this compilation! America the Beautiful is sure to be an American classic and is an ideal addition to Independence Day, Memorial Day, and any other national holiday!
About the Authors…
Bette and George Schnitzer, Jr. have been in the book publishing business for many years and yet they feel there is an absence of a fun and informative publication that represents America. Therefore, they created this compact yet excellent collection to celebrate the unique qualities of the American spirit. America the Beautiful is perfect for educating younger generations as well as commemorating and honoring the past.
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  • Highlights
    ★ An ideal addition to the celebration of America’s national holidays.
    ★ Hundreds of easy-to-find, fun-filled facts about the history of America.
    ★ An excellent education tool... a copy should be in every classroom and library.
    ★ Facts double-checked and verified with appropriate sources.
    ★ Great gift, souvenir, or impulse buy... perfect for fundraisers, gift baskets, and promotions.

  • Specifications
    America the Beautiful
    ISBN: 978-1-887654-24-1
    UPC: 7-97190-00128-2
    128 pages 5.5”x 5.5”
    Soft cover in 4-color with black and white inside pages
    Suggested retail price: $7.99