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Civil War Trivia

Civil War Trivia

Edward F. Williams III

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About the book…
Uncover what few historians know about the greatest American warfare in Civil War Trivia. This best-selling book contains hundreds of facts about the Civil War, including unique historical and political trivia about the armies, personalities and soldiers that fought. This title continues to captivate Civil War buffs by providing information on favorite battles and beloved personalities, as well as lesser-known facts that tantalize the reader. The material is presented in an informative style that will attract readers of all ages. This is a great source for students and novices wishing to learn more about the Civil War. Plus these tidbits are not typically found in textbooks which will intrigue even the best-read Civil War historian.
About the Author…
Author Edward F. Williams III is a nationally known Civil War scholar, as well as chairman of the Tennessee Wars Committee of the Tennessee Historical Commission. The cover photo was taken from the painting The High Tide by Mort Kunstler, a renowned and internationally recognized Civil War artist.
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  • Highlights
    ★ Contains hundreds of treasured facts about the Civil War.
    ★ Reveals unique historical and political trivia about the Civil War.
    ★ Intriguing information for readers of all ages and history levels.
    ★ Cover design from the painting, The High Tide, by famed Civil War artist Mort Künstler.
    ★ An excellent education tool...a copy should be in every classroom and library.
    ★ Facts double-checked and verified with appropriate sources.
    ★ Great gift, souvenir, or impulse buy... perfect for fundraisers, gift baskets, and promotions

  • Specifications
    Civil War Trivia
    ISBN: 978-1-887654-48-7
    UPC: 7-97190-00112-1
    128 pages 5.5” x 5.5”
    Soft cover in 4-color with black and white inside pages
    Suggested retail price: $8.99