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Story Keepers

Story Keepers

John James Stewart

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About the book…
Discover the oldest stories in America; the wise and rare narratives and legends as told and passed down from assorted Native American tribes.
Story Keepers lets your imagination billow as you gather knowledge from America’s wisest storytellers. These tales entice, educate and entertain, presenting accurate and vivid portrayals of their culture. You’ll learn why most Native People carry a small pebble in remembrance of the first Story Keeper and why the Nisqually story of two greedy brothers explains the creation of Mount Saint Helen.
Story Keepers has the approval of the Native American people; therefore, this collection is an important and accurate tool for learning about Native American spirituality and their lessons for life. This title is also great for anyone seeking or studying spiritual paths.
About the Author…
Author John James Stewart lived among Native Americans, becoming a part of their culture. As a respected and trusted companion of Native American people, Stewart accurately conveys their traditions into written word. The foreward by the Grand Chief of the Cree Nation, Wapistan, speaks of how important it is to celebrate these stories, and how fated it is that John James Stewart helped preserve and pass on these legends.
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  • Highlights
    ★ This collection preserves historical indigenous culture and traditions.
    ★ Important tool for learning about Native American spirituality and their lessons for life. Great for readers seeking a spiritual path of any kind.
    ★ Research completed in part by Canadian government-funded program through the Aboriginal Communications Society known as WAWATA, meaning “dancing spirit warriors,” the Indian word for the Northern Lights.
    ★ A great learning tool, perfect for libraries and schools.

  • Specifications
    Story Keepers: A Journey into Native American Spirituality
    ISBN: 978-1-887654-56-2
    UPC: 7-97190-00129-9
    128 pages 5.5” x 5.5”
    Soft cover in 4-color with black and white insidepages
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