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The First Supper!

The First Supper!

Ronda Martin

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About the book…
A 2,000-year-old story told through the eyes of an Inn-keeper’s wife, Naomi. Their Inn already over-flowing with travelers, Naomi extends a kindness to strangers by offering their stable with dry hay, and a delicious meal to the weary travelers, pregnant Mary and husband Joseph.
Original colorful illustrations highlight Naomi’s story of the wonderous miracle she saw unfold.
Naomi shares her excitement of being a part of The First Christmas while also introducing readers to the tastes of The First Supper!
This is an interactive, non-denominational soon to be classic story for young children everywhere. Naomi provides foods, ingredients, and recipes to help children and parents learn firsthand how to prepare and sample meals served 2,000 years ago.
About the author…
Ronda Martin was born and raised in small town South Carolina, and first accepted Jesus at age 11 in her Southern Baptist Church. Married to Gil, a NASCAR crew chief for over 25 years, they have a son, Ford, who is a Digital Producer at Fox Sports, and two godchildren, Tabor and Remington. Ronda has been a writer for many years, including radio promotions, freelance motorsports columns and an earlier successful book, Stock Car Legends.
Ronda and Gil live on a farm in rural North Carolina, surrounded by chickens, guineas, cows, ducks, dogs, a cat and kind neighbors. She enjoys cooking, canning, gardening, fishing, children, archery, and of course writing. She has a particular fondness for Dixie Cheeseburgers, Chocolate Tootsie Pops, The Isaacs, and ’70s rock. A frequent practitioner of Sign Language, she plays guitar badly, has a wicked sense of humor, detests needles, copperheads, and liver. 
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  • Highlights
    ★ Non-denominational story of faith & kindness.
    ★ Tasty introduction to meals 2,000 years old.
    ★ Wonderful tool introducing children to faith.
    ★ Rated “G” for all family members.
    ★ Terrific for use as an event/ party planner.
    ★ Great for home, school, public libraries.
    ★ Great gift or impulse buy for any age.

  • Specifications 
    The First Supper!
    ISBN: 978-1-933725-59-8
    UPC#: 7-97190 10145 6
    34 pages
    8” x 10” trim size
    Hard cover with beautiful, original full-color illustrations
    Children’s picture book for 7 & under
    Suggested retail price $15.95