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Titanic Trivia

Titanic Trivia

Ken Beck and David Downs

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About the book…
This popular title combines Titanic ship history, hit movie trivia and classical movie lore! The previously unpublished cover photo comes from the private collection of Eric Daily, depicting the ship in all of her glory. Together, authors Ken Beck and David Downs compile over 400 facts about the Titanic, including the construction, maiden voyage, collision, crew, passengers and more.
About the Author…
Ken Beck was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and never lost his love for the Volunteer State. After growing up in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and graduating from college, Beck returned to Tennessee. He wrote for The Tennessean for 25 years and has roamed the Tennessee backroads from the Mississippi River to the Smoky Mountains—seeing the great beauty of the state and meeting some unforgettable characters. David Downs is fascinated by the history and lore of the legendary Titanic. He hopes this collection of riveting treasures about the famous ship and voyage peaks your interest and knowledge.
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  • Highlights
    ★ The Titanic continues to hold the public’s interest, and follows several television specials (National Geographic, History Channel, etc.).
    ★ Great gift, souvenir or impulse buy for any age.
    ★ A great way to learn and a must for public and school libraries.
    ★ Facts double-checked and verified.
    ★ Rated “G” for all family members.
    ★ Contains information from real events, the award-winning movie, and the old classics.

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    Titanic Trivia
    ISBN: 978-1-887654-42-5
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    128 pages 5.5”x 5.5”
    Soft cover in 4-color with black and white inside pages
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