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Victorian Fairies and the Enchanting Little People of a Romantic Age

Victorian Fairies and the Enchanting Little People of a Romantic Age

Dave Cheadle

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About the book…
Victorian Fairies is an evoking album full of tantalizing and charming illustrations and knowledge. Hold the unexplained in your hands, gather the secrets of the mystifying, and come face to face with the lore and legend as you discover how fairies and other mysterious little people have been a part of cultural history, literature and imagination. Cheadle’s collection will captivate and inspire with its alluring stories, historical content, and more than eighty-five full-color illustrations from storybooks and advertisements during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
About the author…
Dave Cheadle has a masterful knowledge of history, religion and the Victorian era. He has authored over 150 articles and six books, and he co-founded The Advertising Trade Card Collector’s Association and was the founding editor of The Advertising Trade Card Quarterly.

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  • Highlights
    ★ This colorful keepsake book celebrates the magic of Victorian fairies with its beautiful, one-of-a-kind illustrations.
    ★ Filled with poetry, short essays, and many unique anecdotes about the Victorian Age of fairies.
    ★ Includes terminology about fairies from all over the world!
    ★ Great gift, souvenir, or impulse buy . . . perfect for fundraisers, gift baskets, and promotions.

  • Specifications
    Victorian Fairies and the Enchanting Little People of a Romantic Age
    UPC: 7-97190-00149-7
    116 pages
    Hard cover in 4-color with 4-color inside pages
    Suggested retail price: $14.99